• Russia is the largest country in the world, located in Eastern Europe and North Asia and washed by the waters of the Pacific and Arctic Oceans (17,125,191 square km)

  • Population: 144.3 Million

  • Capital: Moscow

  • According to UN, Russia is among  countries with the richest cultural heritage

  • Russia is superpower and one of the world's leading industrial and space powers



  • There are 29 UNESCO world heritage sites in Russia, such as the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, Kizhi Island, Baikal lake, and the Historical center of St. Petersburg

  • The landscape of Russia is extremely diverse

  • More than 70% of Russia is occupied by plains and lowlands

  • Moscow - the white-stone golden -has always occupied a special place among the megacities

  • Moscow has been named World's Leading City Destination 2019

  • St. Petersburg - the cultural capital of Russia - is linked with the figure of Peter the Great and outstanding architecture

  • Saint Petersburg - Europe's Leading City Destination 2019



  • There are 11 time zones in Russia

  • Russian Trans-Siberian railway is the longest railway in the world with a length of 9289 km

  • Russia hosted such global sports events as Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 and FIFA Football World Cup 2018

  • The largest freshwater lake in Baikal is located in the eastern part of the country (about 31,700 km²), is the deepest lake in the world

  • Veliky Novgorod is the open-air museum, holds architectural masterpieces

  • Moscow metro is Europe’s busiest metro by annual passenger traffic of 2,500 million passengers

  • The most famous Russian drink, Vodka, contains  40% vol. alcohol

  • Since the era of Tsars caviar is a Russian traditional delicacy

  • Kokoshnik is a kind of hat that was a part of national costume of ancient Russians, which was very popular with the fans during FIFA 2018

  • There are friendly and hospitable people










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