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  • Georgia is located in the Caucasus region at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, bounded to the west by the Black Sea 

  • Population: 3.7 Million 

  • Capital: Tbilisi 

  • The land of exotic mix of modern and ancient culture, history and traditions 

  • Georgia is rich in natural resources and breathtaking untouched nature 

  • Georgia is named among the top best travel destinations in 2017 

  • Georgia is ranked the 9th best country in the World in the ease of doing business

  • Georgia is a key country through which energy imports to the European Union



  • Tourism is an increasingly significant part of the Georgian economy

  • Georgia has breathtaking mountains covered with eternal snow, palm coasts, semi-desert landscapes, natural canyons, ancient caves, gorgeous lakes, canyon rivers, mineral waters and sulfur water baths 

  • Georgia with its diverse climate zones is a year-round destination 

  • Georgia has numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

  • Georgia is known for its great hospitality

  • Georgia is the 5th safest country in the world 

  • Georgia is the birthplace of the 8,000 years old tradition of winemaking



  • There is Mount Shkhara at 5,068 meters, the highest peak of the country

  • Georgia is home to over 5,600 species, including more than 600 species of vertebrates 

  • There is the famous Georgian folk dance with bright and magnificent costumes 

  • Georgian polyphonic music is among UNESCO’s World intangible cultural heritage list

  • Georgia has Europe’s highest inhabited settlements

  • Georgians speak Georgian, a language with its own unique alphabet is one of 14 independent alphabets in the world 

  • The home of the first human civilization outside of Africa

  • Georgia was part of the Great Silk Road






















  • Located in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula, in southeastern Europe 

  • Capital: Belgrade 

  • Population: 7+ Million

  • The land diversity with an emerging market economy 

  • Serbia has over 56,000 vineyards, producing about 230 million litres of high quality wine a year

  • Serbia is a net exporter of electricity

  • Sports play an important role in Serbian society with strong history and great achievements

  • Belgrade, the Serbian capital, lies on the Danube, a waterway connecting Western and Central European countries with the countries of Southeastern and Eastern Europe 




SERBIA, The Land of New Beginnings!




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UNIGLOBE Georgia Holiday's Team Summits Mkinvartsveri (5047m) 

Mount Kazbegi, Georgia





“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Edmund Hillary



UNIGLOBE Georgia Holiday's 13 brave mountaineers, led by the experienced climber - Hesam Tahamtanzadeh- have just completed a very difficult journey to the 5,047m peak of the Kazbegi Mountain, or Mkinvartsveri. The Kazbegi mountain is the 3rd highest mountain in Georgia, situated in the northern slopes of the mighty Caucasus range.



Covered with 135 square kilometres of glacier, Kazbegi is a great place for ice climbing and mountaineering. In many places, the cliffs are more than 1,000m high. There are beautiful waterfalls, rich wildlife, and steep valleys along the way, leading up to the summit. The team faced harsh weather conditions, but their high spirit and persistence helped them to overcome all obstacles, and on August 5, 2018 they reached the summit! 


We all hold the thoughts of Alex Lowe (one of the greatest mountaineers of our modern era) close to our hearts and with his quote we CONGRATULATE our team for their great achievement: 

"I appreciate why I come to the mountains; not to conquer them, but to immerse myself in their incomprehensible immensity - so much bigger than we are; to better comprehend humility and patience balanced in harmony, with the desire to push hard; to share what the hills offer and to share it in the long term with friends and ultimately with my family. It is true, there is something about mountains that moves the soul; arouse a powerful sense of spiritual awareness; and a notion of our own transient and fragile mortality; and our insignificant place in the Universe. Climbing rarely makes sense nearly always feels right!"







"It was a great day with beautiful places in Georgia, a wonderful guide and delicious food!” LiubovRehenda, Kyiv, Ukraine 


“Thanks for a very nice tour. It was very interesting. The tour guide was very nice and carrying, she helped us a lot. I'll definitely go for second time. I highly recommend everybody to join the tour.” Mariam Boretsian, Yerevan, Armenia 



“We went on the trip today and it was really fantastic we had a lot of fun and the guys were really nice and cool. would definitely recommend this to anyone. thanks, so much guys, for this wonderful day!!!" 

Ulrich Ciesla, Munich, Germany