• A well-kept secret, a haven in Southern Europe

  • The land of boasting quiet little villages and coastal towns, stunning nature reserves, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Population: 4.2 Million

  • Capital: Zagreb

  • One of the richest countries in Europe in terms of biodiversity

  • Tourism is a dominant part of the Service Sector and accounts for more than 20% of Croatia's GDP

  • The home of major sport competitions and events

  • An authentic and extraordinary diverse land with an undulating plateau of rich, red earth in Istria, dark green pine-forested hillsides in Dalmatia, silvery green olive trees and lush vineyards in thousands of Croatian islands

  • A country with sparkling white labyrinths of towns' historic centres in Northern part, the medieval scenography of Dubrovnik or grey and natural hues of churches.



  • Croatia offers an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day in May and June, and 13 hours in July and August

  • Croatia has more  1,244 Islands; boasting quiet little villages and coastal towns

  • Croatia has stunning nature reserves, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all against a backdrop of deep, deep blue Meditterranean Sea and sky

  • Croatia's modern infrastructure includes extensive Rail and Highway Networks

  • Croatia has incredible summer festivals, spectacular beaches, and the world's most atmospheric Roman ruin

  • Croatia has the Game of Thrones appeal, one of the world's quirkiest museums

  • Croatia is one of the Europe's tastiest regions

  • Croatia has a monument that looks like the Millennium Falcon 



  • Deeper than 200 meters caves, and near 2,000 meter mountain peaks 

  • 16 spectacular water falls

  • A gastronomy that is largely based on high quality indigenous food from its Prosciutto, still made from traditional methods, to outstanding wines and grappa from Istria, Slavonia and Dalmatia

  • There is endless charm and mesmerizing flavors that manifest a collection of different and genuine experiences 


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