The Incredible Hotel Arłamów, Poland

June 02, 2020

An Incredible and Safe Experience

 Hotel Arłamów, Poland




 Arłamów Hotel**** is the first hospitality establishment to install the high-tech air cleaning ActivTek system in all the rooms and indoor areas, 

 Arłamów Hotel also uses the Bifipro technology, which uses silver and copper ions instead of chlorine to disinfect hot water.

 Indoor air and all the surfaces are sanitized by UV-C disinfection lamps. UV-C light


 Arłamów Hotel is located in the woods, at the edge of three natural reserves, far from places frequently visited by the public like train stations, shops or shopping malls.

 Arłamów Hotel's premises occupy 235 hectares, with 104 hectares of green areas which are open only to hotel quests.

 There are no built-up areas within 10 km from Arłamów Hotel.


 Every hotel staff member on duty has their temperature taken every 4 hours.

 Only guests, staff members and suppliers are allowed on the premises of the hotel and regular health check measures are in place for all. 

 Staff trained on safety rules

 Protection kits, and medical assistance are available to all guests

 Each hotel area has clear and well-defined safety procedures, including rooms, restaurants, cafes, recreation facilities, and all common areas.